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Having spent the last 15 years looking at the process of early socialization I am convinced that the only way to improve the long term behavioural wellbeing of the canid is to place control of the young (8-14 week old) puppy's social experience in the hands of the Veterinary Practice. Commercial considerations all too often come to the fore in other organized groups, which often when combined with a lack of basic behavioural understanding can and sadly often does put the behavioural well being of puppies at risk.

To behave is defined as to act in a socially accepted manner and behaviour is influenced by three main factors.

  • Genetics
  • Early or previous experience, (learning)
  • Current environment

The time to start the teaching process is when the puppy is young 7 to 8 weeks and new learning is more easily achieved (sensitive phases). The advantages of a well organized puppy training and socialization class is generally well accepted and should be a part of an ongoing process.

I have a flagship puppy class run by Julie Scott RVN at Bourne Veterinary Practice and a group that I set up at White Mill Vet's run by Patricia Cornwall mrcvs. I have also lectured to Vet Nurses at Canterbury College on the subject and other Veterinary Practices follow my template.

I take on the puppies in age streamed groups from 12-14 weeks to 8-12 months where they are taught in natural walking surrounds. The puppies learn to interact with their peers, older dogs and humans. The handlers learn to communicate and how to behave when faced with a walking environment.


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